Prohibited Signage – RED

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Make sure your business is secure with appropriate Site Safety Signs. Best placed in well-lit, clearly visible areas.

Prohibited Signage – inform staff and visitors not to do a task that might risk health or safety.



Prohibited Signage – RED


Prohibited Signage inform staff or visitors not to do a task that might risk health or safety. Essential for compliance – make sure you highlight the right information in your workplace with Safety Outlet Signage.

All of the signs are laminated and made of rigid aluminium, therefore perfect for both internal and external use. Suitable to be mounted in any office, retail or warehouse setting. Available in three different sizes (~A2 – ~A4, see below for the exact information).

Prohibited Signage range is made in-house, hence if you are looking for a sign with a different message or in a specific dimension – please contact a member of our team – we can create a bespoke solution.

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  • 300 x 200 mm ( ~A4 / 11 ¹³/₁₆ x 7 ⁷/₈ in)
  • 400 x 300 mm ( ~A3 / 15 ³/₄ x 11 ¹³/₁₆ in)
  • 600 x 400 mm ( ~A2 / 23 ⁵/₈ x 15 ³/₄ in)


  • Rigid 3mm Aluminium Composite Panel, laminated
  • External or Internal use
  • Rounded corners

Set contains:

  • Sign with double sided tape applied
  • Fixings, for added choice of mounting (screws, plugs, screw-caps)

Other safety products are available to cover all aspects of your business needs. Check out the Products page.

If you need advice or have any questions – speak to a member of our team today.



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PR-1 No Entry, PR-2 Do Not Use Lift in Event of Fire, PR-3 Do Not Touch, PR-4 Do Not Reach In, PR-5 Do Not Wal Or Stand on, PR-6 Scaffold Incomplete Do Not Use, PR-7 Do Not Wear Gloves, PR-8 Do Not Use Ladder, PR-9 Keep Fingers Away From Moving Parts, PR-10 No Hot Works, PR-11 Do Not Climb, PR-12 No Heavy Loads, PR-13 Do Not Obstruct, PR-14 No Access For Persons with Metallic Implants, PR-15 No Access For Persons with Pacemakers, PR-16 No Metallic Items Or Watches, PR-17 No Parking, PR-18 Not Drinking Water, PR-19 No Access For Forklifts, PR-20 Do Not Switch Off, PR-21 Do Not Spray with Water, PR-22 No Cameras, PR-23 No Mobile Phones, PR-24 No Eating Or Drinking, PR-25 No Smoking, PR-26 No Naked Flames


60 x 40 cm, 40 x 30 cm, 30 x 20 cm

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