Safety Goggles

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Our essential PPE range have everything you need to keep staff and visitors safe on your premisses.

Safety Goggles – Complete protection around the eye. Great option for users wearing corrective glasses.



Safety Goggles


Safety Goggles – A more comprehensive eye protection solution. Indirectly vented, made of Polycarbonate lens and PVC frame these strapped goggles provide protection from the front, sides, above and below. Anti-scratch and Anti-mist surface. Additionally, the goggles allow the user to retain corrective glasses.


As with all Eyewear Protection products – buying in bulk will save you money. Enquire for larger quantities.

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Weight: 0.1076Kgs each

Materials: Polycarbonate lens with PVC frame


  • Comfortable
  • Light weight
  • Adjustable back cord
  • Direct vent


  • Conform to 166:2001
    • Optical class 1 (Permanent Wear)
    • Impact BT (Medium Impact at extreme temperatures)
    •  Filter 2C (UV Filter with good colour recognition)
    • Shade 1.2 (Clear / Amber)
  • Fields of use:
    • 3 (Liquid droplets (Goggles) / Liquid splashes (Visors))

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