120dB Emergency Air Horn

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Keep your premises safe from fire dangers with our products from the Fire Safety range.

120Db Emergency Air Horn – low cost, effective solution for any company’s signalling needs!



120dB Emergency Air Horn


The Air Horn is an affordable solution to make your staff / visitors instantly aware about an emergency needed signalling. 120dB guarantees to be loud enough even in busy environments full of machinery and industrial noise. The gas horn is manufactured and tested in the UK.


Typical uses include:

  • On site alarm system
  • Back-up alarm system for any company
  • Primary alarm system for smaller companies
  • Emergency signalling system for workers on manufacturing floors
  • Confined space alarm system
  • Personal protection

Additional information


Weight: 0.4Kgs

Acoustic power: 120dB

Appearance: Colourless gas with slight odour

Relative Density at 20 °C: 1.52

Pressure of container at 50 °C: <15barg

Flammability: Not flammable

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