Eye Wash Kit

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Our Health & Safety Kits range offers peace of mind in total compliance in  safety needs for your business.

Eye Wash Kit – comprehensive eye care first aid kit. Simple to use – twist the cap and remove the seal.



Eye Wash Kit


Eye Wash Kit – a compact and durable solution which can be used to irrigate the eye or cleanse a wound. It is an essential requirement in a workplace where the risk of fluids getting in contact with eye(s) is higher.

The kit includes 3 bottles of solution. Each bottle contains the active ingredient of 0.9% w/v sodium chloride EP and is simple to use by twisting the cap and removing the seal.

The kit is made from clear plastic, therefore the contents are visible at a glance. Internal compartments ensure that all components stay neatly in place. Comes with a handy wall mount!

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Set includes:

  • Eye Wash Kit wall mount
  • Durable carry/ mount case
  • 3 bottles of 500ml solution

We offer a fully comprehensive option – Eye Wash Station. Alternatively, you can take a look at the rest of the Health & Safety Kits range.

Other safety products are available to cover all aspects of your business needs. Check out the Products page.

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