Information Station

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Our Safety Station range is an all-around solution for modern, safety-conscious sites in the UK. The Stations work well on their own or in conjunction with others.

  • Display your site’s health and safety information
  • Provide essential tools, kits and PPEs in a clear and structured manner
  • Communicate safety information effectively

Information Station serve you the way you please. Magnet attractive, dry wipe surface allows to display any kind of information to you staff or visitors. Make communication simple!



Information Station


The wall-mounted Information Station creates a visible, accessible area to express your safety information. Simply, a safety oriented notice board for your site.

The board is magnet attractive and offer dry wipe functionality. For instance, you can attach a magnetic add-on or write down any information relevant to your companies’ health and safety policy.

To capitalise on the magnetic properties each of our Station comes with an A4 magnetic document holder. This is a secure and flexible solution that allows posting up-to-date health and safety advice. Keep employees and visitors informed!

The Station comes with a magnetic pen. Simply attach it to the board. No more confusion!

The notice board works well on its own and looks great with other boards. Combine the Information Station with other products in the range!

Additional information


Product dimensions: 600 mm x 400 mm


  • Dry wipe functionality
  • Fully magnet attractive

Set includes:

  • Wall-mounted Information Station (Aluminium composite board with a Ferrous face)
  • A4 magnetic document holder
  • Magnetic, wipeable pen

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