Universal Bottle Holder – Pack of 5

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Help promote the use of Safety Hygiene PPE by our easy mount Dispensers!

Universal Bottle Holder – Quick access to sanitiser bottles or wipe tubes for your customers and staff.




Universal Bottle Holder – Pack of 5


Universal Bottle Holder – lets you mount a bottle of sanitiser gel / liquid / soap or even tub of wipes wherever needed. The Holder is easy to install and use. It operates on a hook-loop system therefore it adjusts to any given bottle.

Ideal for use in / with:

• Personal protection screens

• As part of free-standing sanitisation unit

• Internal wall spaces in offices, factories, warehouses, schools, retail outlets

• Entrance and exit points

• Work Vans, Public transport

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  • Quick and simple to install
  • Strong enough to be continually used
  • Small enough to suit your individual environment

Set includes:

  • 5 off Universal Bottle Holders. The product doesn’t come with a sanitiser bottle.


1. Install bracket to a clean, grease/grit-free and dry vertical surface*.

2. Remove siliconized release paper.

3. Position bracket and press firmly to ensure overall contact (a screw can also be used for additional strength).

4. Allow 24hrs for a 90% bond.

5. Insert the bottle and use the velcro fit to secure it in place.


*Please be aware that some painted walls may reject the adhesive due to type of paint (anti-graffiti, stain blocking, emulsion type cleanable paints)


We offer a complimentary product – Glove Box Holder. Alternatively, take a look at our complete wall mounted sanitisation solutionHygiene Station.

Other safety products are available to cover all aspects of your business needs. Check out the Products page.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 10 cm

V.VA : 5mm PLASTIC Size: 270x335mm GREEN PACK of 2, V.VB: 5mm PLASTIC Size: 270x335mm ORANGE PACK of 2, V.VC : 5mm PLASTIC Size: 270x335mm CRIMSON PACK of 2, V.VD: 5mm PLASTIC Size: 270x335mm GREY PACK of 2