Hygiene Station

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Our Safety Station range is an all-around solution for modern, safety-conscious sites in the UK. The Stations work well on their own or in conjunction with others.

Display your site’s health and safety information
Provide essential tools, kits and PPEs in a clear and structured manner
Communicate safety information effectively

Hygiene Station creates a dedicated, visually clear Sanitisation point (kits included). One place to sanitise hands and get a hold of disposable face masks and gloves.

Personal hygiene care has never been easier!



Hygiene Station


The wall-mounted Hygiene Station creates a visible, accessible area for personal hygiene equipment.

The Station can be placed at the entrances or exits of high-risk areas. Ensure good health and safety practice in higher risk environments.

The Station comes with dispensers mounted:

  • Double face mask holder
  • Double glove dispenser
  • Sanitiser holder

PPE included! (see additional information)

Our board offers dry wipe functionality – for instance, you can write down any information relevant to your companies’ health and safety policy.

Additional information


Product dimensions: 600 mm x 400 mm


  • Dry wipe functionality
  • Personal Hygiene dispensers attached

Set includes:

  • Wall-mounted Hygiene Station (Rigid aluminium composite board)
  • Magnetic, wipeable pen
  • 1 x Disposable face masks box
  • 1 x Disposable gloves box
  • 500ml hand sanitiser bottle

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