Hard Hat – 6 Colours

£5.99 ex VAT

Our essential PPE range have everything you need to keep staff and visitors safe on your premisses.

Hard Hat – Lightweight head protection solution – available in 6 colours!



Hard Hat (Blue/ Black/ Orange/ Red/ White/ Yellow)


Hard Hat – This safety helmet has been designed and manufactured to ensure optimal impact protection from objects such as stones, roofing tiles, bricks and othgaer items of similar weight as well as from electrical discharges up to 1000Vac or 1500Vdc.

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Weight: 0.322Kgs


  • Points harness: 6
  • Class: 0
  • 30mm helmet slot
  • Sweatband included
  • EN 397 CE
  • EN 50365 CE Material: HDPE
  • Head harness: Manual adjustment
  • Electrical protection: Up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC (low voltage installations)

Other safety products are available to cover all aspects of your business needs. Check out the Products page.

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Yellow, White, Red, Orange, Blue, Black

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