Disposable Ear Plugs

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Our essential PPE range have everything you need to keep staff and visitors safe on your premisses.

Disposable Ear Plugs – Box (of 200) serves as a handy dispenser. Easy to introduce, effective hearing protection solution.

SNR39 rating for environments with high levels of noise.



Disposable Ear Plugs


Disposable Ear Plugs – Ear Plugs with SNR rating of 39db. Come in a box of 200. The box can serve as a handy dispenser. Suitable where the staff and visitors are exposed to high levels of noise, such as industrial zones, construction sites and other noisy settings. Made out of foam, easy to grab and use. Use this guide to specify correct SNR rating needed in your environment. Explore more options in our Hearing Protection category.

A common practise is to place protective ear equipment at the entrances to loud areas. Buying in bulk will save you money. Enquire for much larger quantities.

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Weight: 5.60Kgs

Material: Foam


  • Foam disposable ear plugs


  • Conforms to EN352-2:2002
  • SNR 39db, H=38, M=37, L=34

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