Safety Outlet: The New Home of Safety Supplies



Safety Outlet is a new company designed with the customer’s safety in mind.


At Safety Outlet, we specialise in high-end safety equipment ranging from PPE gear, clear shields, and safety stations to health and safety boards, first-aid kits, and cleaning and site maintenance materials.


We’ve made an easy-to-use website that has everything you need to be safe at home and at work. So, we have created an online hub where people can buy everything they need with one easy click.


How Did We Get Here?


Safety Outlet emerged as the sister company of MELO World Ltd. After 9 years of fantastic growth within the company, we decided to branch out and expand our product range.


We knew it was a time not only to increase our market share of safety products but to also create a space where we can simplify the process of delivering expert safety equipment direct to the customer. This move also coincides with an exciting rebrand of MELO World and revamps of the existing website.


Safety Outlet

Our new website is designed with the customer in mind.


“We thought it was important to differentiate between the 5S and Visual Management focus of MELO World and the safety products that we offer.

Therefore, we decided to establish a clear and concise brand identity that aligns with our company’s ethos and focuses solely on safety equipment.” – Alex H. (CEO)


What Do We Offer?


We supply a range of Covid safety equipment and have also expanded to sell Health & Safety boards, first-aid, eye-care and burn care.


We are also introducing a Safety on Site range with all of the signs, cleaning equipment, maintenance gear and personal site protection to keep you and your employees safe.


What Can YOU Do?

Check out our social media and stay up-to-date with the latest info!

Make sure you check out our website and see what Safety Outlet can do for you and your business!


We will also be posting about the latest updates in the Safety Equipment industry. So be sure to follow our social media pages for all the essential tips you never knew you needed.

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