3 Workplace Safety Tips



Local Know-How is Gold: Say hello to your local council or the Chamber of Commerce. They’ve got some neat courses and training waiting in the wings for you and your crew. Sometimes, a quick refresher is all it takes to zap back that knowledge about the everyday sneaky hazards – whether they’re around us or sometimes caused by us.

HSE Website – Your Safety Sidekick: Meet the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website https://www.hse.gov.uk – your trusty guide to all things safe and secure. It’s like a treasure trove of info and services. Plus, signing up for their newsletter is like getting a safety tip-packed letter in your mailbox. How cool is that?

You’re the Safety Superhero: Guess what? You don’t need a cape or a fancy title to be a safety hero. It’s all about kickstarting change from within. If you spot something fishy in terms of safety, follow these simple steps: Identify hazards, Assess the risks, Control the risks, Record your findings, Review the controls and keep tabs on how well your safety measures are doing.

If you’re hungry for more guidance, don’t be shy to buzz our expert squad at Safety Outlet. We’re here to dish out advice and help you find just the right resources for you and your awesome team. Together, let’s paint a picture of a safer, happier workplace! 
Yours, Mo
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